Product development from customer needs to the market

Celsius Robotics offers experience and know-how of the complete product development process, from early concept studies to testing and verification of prototypes and final products. Understanding the customers needs and wants and the competitive environment we can make your new products a success and shorten the time to the market.


Project management

We can engage in the role as project manager for the complete development process in our customer’s projects, both large and small. We have

experience from coordinating resources, dealing with sudden changes and handling tight time schedules and communicate transparently for success.



Conceptual design


We can support your business from the first brain storming around your need for new or improved products or processes.


Our experience from realizing ideas into concepts can result in new patents and may also be used to work around existing patents



Detailed 3D design

We support our customers with design services of complex products and systems. We have experience from military products, consumer products, industrial applications and process plants.


Our knowledge in 3D CAD modelling, generation of manufacturing drawings, choice of materials and manufacturing processes is available to strengthen your team.





Product development often needs a couple of prototypes to make a smart choice between different concepts.


We can manufacture prototypes quickly to verify parts of the concepts or the whole product without the limitations of using only preferred suppliers or the challenge of internal inquiry processes.



Test and verification

At Celsius Robotics you will find the knowledge to compile and analyze the requirements for a product and create a plan for systematic verification.


Product verification often requires environmental testing, product performance testing and systems integration and our experience is available for your success.


All projects are concluded with a review of the final documentation and an analysis of the products function and performance together with the customer.



Your product development partner


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